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extraordinary memories

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At Stars Hollow, our mission is to craft distinctive and purposeful
experiences that embody your unique essence. With our innovative
designs, inspiring concepts, and meticulous execution, we bring to life events that authentically represent your true self. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter gatherings and let Stars Hollow curate an unforgettable occasion that celebrates the very essence of who you are.

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wildest dreams

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candace sharpe

Candace is a party-enthusiast, who loves to help her clients bring their unique ideas to life. From classy ballrooms to open fields, she loves unlocking the creative potential of every venue, figuring out the best way to make your event flow smoothly, just like that second cocktail of the night. Her approach to each event is all about thoughtful strategy, ensuring that clients feel guided through the most important day of their lives, knowing they're in capable hands.

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magic happen

With Stars Hollow, weekends come alive with blooming flowers and dazzling sparkler send-offs. Each occasion we curate is a unique masterpiece, never repeating the same spectacle twice. We can’t wait to work with you and bring your vision to life, while you can focus on prepping for your big day.

Gruber-Wedding -376 candace sharpe.jpg


our clients

Candace has been so attentive, going the extra mile so many times and we are very appreciative of that. This day wouldn't have come together in the perfect way it did if it weren't for Candace and her talents & passion.


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