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Planning a wedding can quickly go from all excitement to feeling overwhelmed. The news is barley out and you are already getting asked what color the bridesmaid dresses are and what the vegetarian option is... when you don’t even have a date yet!

Having someone to walk you through the process can turn things from stress to pleasure. We are here when the Pinterest images are swirling, google is overwhelming and running away to Mexico is starting to sound perfect!


full planning

For the couple who realizes that wedding planning is a full time job... and they already have one. We walk through the process hand in hand while making styling recommendations, managing budgets, tracking RSVPs and recommending the perfect vendors for you. Together we create a full cohesive design and handle every last little logistic detail. It's perfect for that busy professional couple who wants something amazing but don't have the time or bandwidth to do it alone!

logistics bundle

Let's say you are a super dreamer!? You have interior design as hobby and love putting together all the pretty things of the wedding. You have exactly what you want the day to look like done but the logistics are missing. You don't love spreadsheets and need help setting transportation schedules, making timelines and creating budgets. Well the logistics package is just that. We handle all the nitty gritty like scheduling meetings, tracking payments, making schedules and more. This package can be added to our Event Management package!


Is Pinterest giving you anxiety? Do you have an agenda and love making spreadsheets with little details but have no clue where to start on creating the look of your big day? Got you! Our design package was created with you in mind. We create personalized mood boards, make styling recommendations, help choose rentals & decor and direct your floral compositions. This package can be added to our Event Management package.

design bundle

event management

Don’t make your bridesmaids and family work on the wedding day. The month of the wedding is extremely challenging for most couples, but with a perfect timeline and full access to us for asking questions along the way, planning on your own will feel like a breeze. 60 days before your wedding, we will swing in and tie up all those lose ends, send final confirmations to your vendors and VIPs, lead your rehearsal and run the wedding day itself. If you have decor that needs to be set up/torn down,

we’ll take care of that too!


Looking at the new trend of smaller weddings and socially distanced receptions we are here for you who want to go ahead and tie the knot - micro style! Whether it's eloping to the mountains/beach or just keeping it quaint at the venue we help you navigate how to ensure you and your guests feel the full wedding experience. Intimate events create lasting moments!

elopements / small events

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