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out of the box

Planning a wedding can quickly go from all excitement to feeling overwhelmed. The news is barley out and you are already getting asked what color the bridesmaid dresses are and what the vegetarian option is... when you don’t even have a date yet!

Think of us as the realtor for your wedding. We will guide you through the planning process — taking each vendor experience from stress to pleasure. We are here when wed-tok is overwhelming and running away to mexico is starting to sound perfect!

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165A5001 candace primm.jpg


Consider yourself riding first class through the planning process while we escort you through each step along the way. From vendor selection to event production and execution, we have you covered.

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Creating a memorable wedding that represents you is what we are known for. From overall aesthetic to tablescape details  we help curate each element of the design for an incredible and unforgettable experience.

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