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I love a good party; what can I say!?

Entering college I had no idea what I was going to major in but I did see a cushy 9-5 life ahead and boy was I wrong! I landed on Hospitality & Event Management and rapidly fell in love with the industry of crazy hours and weekend events.

Whether its a classic ballroom or wide open field, I enjoy seeking each venues creative potential and identifying the best use of space to make your event flow like the second cocktail of the evening. My approach to every event is a well thought strategy to ensure clients feel they are guided through the most important day of their lives in good hands.  

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I'm just Candace, book and series geek, love lover, coffee addict, and serious snacker.  I moved from 'Small Town USA'  Arkansas to 'Big City' North Carolina  in 2013 and haven't looked back. Shortly after that long drive, I met my husband and we wed in spring 2019. Our life is a roller coaster of backroad driving, snow cone eating and long distance love. We have incredible families who support us along the way and two adorable pups who are often featured on instagram. 

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Every event is different. Let's mix tradition with modern flair and find what makes this day uniquely yours. I can bet that it will be a good time!
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When we meet, it will most likely be over coffee. Please don't judge if I show up with a coffee in hand for our coffee meeting. It's a problem, I know!
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Organization + creativity are two of my happiest places. Whether its events, interiors, invitations or clothing -  I love designing and styling. 
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Gilmore Girls,
Harry Potter, Friends
& Zenon play on repeat at my house and you can find me reading the latest to murder mystery on my back porch.

Candace has been so attentive, going the extra mile so many times and we are very appreciative of that. This day wouldn't have come together in the perfect way it did if it weren't for Candace and her talents & passion. 


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